Quality Assurance Method

Integrate IQC, PQC and FQC Using the SPC System

Identify procedural problems in time, and take necessary measures before any major quality problems occur, in order to mitigate or eliminate the cost that may be incurred by such problems. This helps to ensure that our manufacturing capacity is maintained above client expectations and that we provide the best quality products to our clients. 

At present, Cheer Way is importing the MSA system to provide an accurate and stable measurement system for our clients

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

SPC, short for Statistical Process Control, means controlling the manufacturing process using statistical methods. It involves planned data and material collection for carrying out statistical analyses and processing control charts, in order to meet the control requirements of "preventing and eliminating waste in advance"

Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)

MSA enables equipment management, calibration and stability analysis, including instrument and device management, device calibration management, measurement reliability analysis, measurement personnel management and manufacturer management.