Quality Assurance Flow

Outgoing Quality 

Control (OQC)

In-Process Quality 

Control (IPQC)

Sample test the products according to client- ordered quantity and input the test result into the OOC Forr, wwhich is delivered to the client along with t the products,

First Piece Check:

Before the man nufacturing officially starts, the quality assurance personnel check the a first piece of product produced according to the specifications on the drawings. Checking data is entered into the SPC system, and a Process Check Table is made according to which the manufacturing personnel shall check the process.

Incoming Quality 

Control (IQC)

1.Material quality determination

2.Hardhess standard

3.Size cofirmation

In-Process Check:

The manufactu uring personnelregularly me dimensions s and fill the data in the Process Check Table. Quality assurance personnel randomly sample the products and check the quality, and input the results into the SPC system for analysis and improvement, thus achieving the highest quality goal.


Last Piece Check:

The manufacturing personnel check the last product, fill in the Process Check Table,and then submit the last product and the Process Check Table ,to the quality assurance personnel for approval. Only after approval is made can the drawings and the entire batch of products be delivered to the manufacturing manager.